The sun went away -- and so did our excuse for not laying down our new songs in the studio!  So, we are back at it. :)


No Dividing Line was among the "Top 100 albums of 2013" according to Absolute Power Pop magazine!  Tucking in at #92 with bands that we consider very good company.  Here is a link to the list:


The new Straw Dogs record, No Dividing Line, is now available on CD ( and at iTunes.  (Click on "Music" above for the iTunes link.)  Here are excerpts from a few early reviews:

  • "Once again, the band lets songcraft shine in place of flashy soundbites concocted in a studio. This time around Dave von Beck is joined by guitarists Jeff Fielder and Scott Becker, bassist  Bob Diehm, and drummer Casey Miller, and the presence of these ace players makes No Dividing Line the perfect marriage of raw, acoustic Americana and electricity. Beautiful stuff!"  -ROCKWIRED.COM
  • "With a heavy emphasis on songwriting, the Straw Dogs have released their new full-length, No Dividing Line—14-tracks of Americana melodies, vast instrumentation and anecdotal, deep lyrical matter.  The vast instrumentation brings the songs through to fruition. However far removed from their prior outing this may be, the Straw Dogs seemed to have found their method for crafting an album."  -Skope Entertainment


The new Straw Dogs record, No Dividing Line, is set for release July 9, 2013.


The new Straw Dogs CD, "No Dividing Line" has just been mixed and mastered, by the talented Troy Glessner at Spectre.  Release date to be posted soon!

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